Manufacturing & Distributing Custom Industrial And Laboratory Furniture

Milpitas United States

Having custom made furniture is often an essential requirement for an industry or for certain research purposes. Workplaces often lack suitable furniture according to their requirements. With more than 40 years of indisputable services, RDM Industrial Products Inc. is providing custom made furniture solutions to its customers. Based in the United States, RDM manufactures quality custom made industrial furniture and laboratory furniture including different support products, and distributing to various locations nationwide.

RDM Industrial Products Inc. focuses solely on delivering the best quality custom manufacturing industrial and laboratory furniture solutions. Their company goals are QUALITY  – SERVICE – TIMING.

Products offered by RDM Industrial Products Inc. include;

Tables and Workstations: RDM Industrial offers a wide range of custom made industrial furniture. They also provide fully customizable stainless steel tables.

This includes products like - adjustable height stainless tables, aluminum frame tables, corner table units, drafting and engineering tables, ergonomic lift tables, stainless steel tables, wood frame tables, and many more.

Apart from these they also provide packaging workstations, flow rack workstations, custom material handling workstations, HEPA/ULPA clean air laminar flow workstations, equipment rack workstations.

Cabinets and Counters: these cabinets and counters are both used for industrial and laboratory purposes. With a variety of products, they offer- laboratory cabinets & counters, laboratory exhaust fume hoods, laboratory tables, microscope tables, PCB circuit board storage cabinets, industrial-duty shelves and racks, European cabinets and countertops, custom reception counter, custom storage cabinets, custom service counters.

The company also offers products like - high-speed packaging lift, ESD static control furniture, material handling & ergonomic safety fixtures, cleanroom furnishing, tool & pegboard carts, and other furniture solutions.

RDM Industrial Products Inc. believes in upgrading along with the technology. Their website is continuously updated with information and products suitable for your company. They have outstanding customer support – You can easily get in touch with them on their official website at https://www.rdm-ind.com/

About RDM Industrial Products Inc.
Established in 1977, RDM Industrial Products Inc. is a manufacturer and supplier of Laboratory & Industrial furniture. With an array of quality industrial and laboratory furniture, proudly manufactured in the USA, this company has specialized in shipping top quality products to various locations nationwide on time. RDM Industrial Products Inc. continues to deliver a wide range of industrial and laboratory furniture from workbenches, lab tables, service counters, technician workstations, conference tables, countertops, laboratory cabinets and tops as well as LAN workstations, hydraulic lift systems, material handling, laminar flow stations and many more. Being the best in the market and providing top quality products nationwide for 40 years, RDM Industrial Products Inc. continuously expands their product line to provide the best quality furniture products and services for your company.

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