Operating Scope Of Activated Carbon

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When it is found that this kind of activated carbon can not be adsorbed well to the substances to be separated, which leads to the failure of separation, the first kind of activated carbon can be used.yrdcarbon

When it is found that this kind of activated carbon to separate the material because of adsorption is too strong and can not elute, or because it is difficult to elute caused by the elution solvent is too large, the flow is not concentrated, you can use the third activated carbon.activated charcoal powder wholesale

Sometimes a combination of three activated carbons can be used to separate more complex natural pharmaceutical components.

Therefore, in the separation of activated carbon adsorption of the material, must first activated carbon deactivation.

The commonly used reagent for activated carbon deactivation is a long chain aliphatic compound, such as stearic acid, oleic acid, undecanoic acid, octadecane, octadecanamine, etc., among which the most common is stearic acid.