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Oxidation Decomposition Of Activated Carbon

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Activated carbon is a strong adsorbent, the adsorption of gas and adsorption capacity are very large.yrdcarbon.com

When the gas molecules occupy the adsorption surface of activated carbon, the adsorption of activated carbon will be reduced, resulting in the so-called "poisoning" of activated carbon. activated carbon wholesale australia

If there is oxygen on the activated carbon adsorption, sometimes also make the adsorption of the material oxidation reaction.

Therefore, before the use of activated carbon, most of the gas must be removed by adsorption.

Usually remove the gas in activated carbon there are two methods, one method is to use ephedrine or hydrogen sulfide saturated water solution treatment, but this treatment method is too complex, and through these treatments can also cause some other side reactions, so it is not commonly used.

For the gas phase adsorption, the size of the gas molecules is usually less than 1. ONM, the use of microporous activated carbon;

For liquid-phase decolorization refining, due to the large size of the liquid molecules, it is necessary to use activated carbon with developed mesopore.

Activated carbon has a large specific surface area and a particularly developed micro-pore structure, which is the main reason for its strong adsorption capacity and large adsorption capacity.