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Dissolve The Activated Carbon To Wash The Ground

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Industry, agriculture and many other fields.

In recent years, one of the research hotspots of activated carbon is to use cheap agricultural and forestry wastes as raw materials and simple and clean process to prepare biomass activated carbon with high economic benefit and good adsorption performance.

If the agricultural and forestry wastes are effectively utilized and turned into treasures, it can not only create certain economic benefits, but also reduce its pollution to the environment, and achieve the purpose of treating waste with waste.

In this paper, using biomass (corn cob, rice husk and peanut shell) as raw material, the experimental research on the preparation of activated carbon from biomass was carried out on the self-built experimental platform, and the activation temperature, activation time, impregnation ratio and impregnation time and other activation and physicochemical characteristics were systematically studied.

Activated carbons with different specific surface area and pore structure were prepared by physical activation and chemical activation, changing carbonization and activation conditions.

The pore structure of activated carbon was analyzed by ASAP2020M aperture analyzer.

The surface structure characteristics of activated carbon and the pyrolysis process of biomass under different conditions were studied. The adsorption performance and yield of activated carbon prepared by two methods were discussed and compared.activated carbon suppliers australia

The results show that activation condition and impregnation condition are the most important factors.

The optimum specific surface area of activated carbon prepared by physical activation method is 924.48m'/g, and the yield is 26.18%.

The optimum specific surface area of activated carbon prepared by chemical activation method is 1200.04 m2g, and the yield is 34%.

Although the specific surface area and yield of the chemical activation method are the largest, it can be seen that the activated carbon prepared by the physical activation method has higher economic benefit and environmental protection value considering the economic benefit and environmental protection value of the preparation process comprehensively.www.coconutactivatedcarbon.com

Finally, based on the preparation of activated carbon from biomass, the adsorption equilibrium and kinetics of the prepared activated carbon for methylene blue and the adsorption characteristics of mercury in flue gas were studied.

The theoretical basis for its application in printing and dyeing wastewater treatment and mercury removal from flue gas is given.

In the experiment of adsorption equilibrium and kinetics of methylene blue on activated carbon, the experimental results show that the Freundlich adsorption isotherm model is more accurate

  1. Analyze the reasons for the low SOZ and NO removal efficiency of activated carbon in the test :(1) ordinary activated carbon is used in the test, which has a low adsorption performance;

(2) Due to the limited test conditions, the low input amount of activated carbon per hour in the test means the selected ACIS is lower.

Although the removal efficiency of the activated carbon on SO2 and NO measured in this test is low, the activated carbon used in circulating fluidized bed flue gas desulfurization and denitration has the advantages of simple and reliable process, low system resistance, stable desulfurization and denitration, good economic and environmental protection, NO secondary pollution and so on.

The adsorption properties of activated carbon fiber or modified activated carbon should be further studied.

Activated carbon desulfurization and denitration technology will be a promising technology for the combined removal of pollutants from coal burning.