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However, IAST can eliminate the positive and negative deviation well, and the average error is less than 10%, which is more consistent with the experimental results.

The operating parameters showed that the adsorption capacity of activated carbon would decrease with the increase of temperature, gas velocity or humidity.

The appropriate operating range is: temperature within 40?, gas speed between 0.1~0.5 m/s, humidity is best not more than 40%.

In this range, the relationship between pressure drop and gas velocity basically conforms to Ergun equation.

Can be prepared into a variety of solutions to facilitate the composite with other materials.

Raw material is a wide range of natural graphite meters, is prepared by industrial methods can be put into production.

Make the industrialized application of graphene possible, promote the advancement of high-tech materials, and promote the development of the industry.coconut shell activated carbon manufacturers

Chapter 3 Activated carbon materials for graphene-modified supercapacitors have good technical properties:www.chinactivecarbon.com

Long cycle life, graphene modified supercapacitors due to its energy storage process does not react, the energy storage process is reversible, no "memory effect", can be repeated charge and discharge hundreds of thousands of times, 500 times that of lithium ion batteries, nickel-metal hydride and nickel cadmium battery is 1000 times, if the ultracapacitors charge-discharge 20 times a day, continuous use of up to 68 years