Application Of Granular Activated Carbon

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Activated carbon (AC) is a kind of porous carbon material with developed pore structure and large specific surface area, which is prepared by using biological organic matter (such as wood, coke, petroleum coke, coal and various nut shells, etc.). It is a kind of high quality adsorbent.www.dxdcarbon.com of industry, its application is more and more extensive.

At present, it has been widely used in the field of environmental protection, food industry and medicine.activated carbon wholesale

Industry, agriculture and many other fields.

In recent years, one of the research hotspots of activated carbon is to use cheap agricultural and forestry wastes as raw materials and simple and clean process to prepare biomass activated carbon with high economic benefit and good adsorption performance.

If the agricultural and forestry wastes are effectively utilized and turned into treasures, it can not only create certain economic benefits, but also reduce its pollution to the environment, and achieve the purpose of treating waste with waste.

In this study, the activated carbon was modified by nitric acid oxidation, sodium hydroxide impregnation, nitrogen protected high temperature reduction and other methods.

Activated carbon before and after modification was characterized by specific surface area measurement, scanning electron microscope observation, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy measurement and Boehm functional group titration.

Therefore activated carbon is widely used in air purification, water treatment and environmental aspects, such as catalyst and 6 carriers [[68, water treatment, etc. The activated carbon adsorption performance to a large extent depends on the pore structure characteristics, the processing of different objects, different requirements for the distribution of pore structure [7071]. This objectively requires the distribution of the activated carbon pore structure should be diversified. At the same time, pore structure and surface chemical properties of activated carbon can be improved by using the method of chemical physics modification!, this is to pass on the modified activated carbon to its better performance. In the process of carbonization and activation,

Adding appropriate chemical reagents will play the role of catalytic oxidation [73], and these chemical reagents will also increase the active point of activation reaction, which is conducive to

the development of activated carbon pores.