Purification Of Organic Waste Gas By Activated Carbon

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Activated carbon adsorption method is widely used in the purification of organic waste gas. When there are many components in the waste gas, the adsorption situation becomes complicated.

In view of the fact that the exhaust gas of printing, tanning and coating industries contains benzene, toluene and ethyl acetate, etc., the kinetics of treating the exhaust gas by activated carbon adsorption method was studied experimentally, and the optimization of operating parameters of the fixed bed adsorber was explored, which could be used for reference in engineering design.

The experimental results show that the adsorption equilibrium of pure components is in good agreement with the Langmuir equation.

In the case of multi-component adsorption, due to the competition and interference between each component, the component with strong adsorption ability can replace the other component that has been absorbed, so that the penetration curve of each component has obvious changes.

The penetration point of the components with relatively weak adsorption capacity was significantly advanced, while the penetration time of the components with strong adsorption capacity was delayed.

In this paper, E-L equation and IAST theory are used for theoretical prediction and analysis of multi-component adsorption equilibrium, and compared with experimental results.

The results show that although the prediction of total adsorption amount by E-L equation is in good agreement with the experimental results, the prediction of each component adsorption amount by E-L equation often produces positive and negative deviation, and the average error is usually more than 20%.

However, IAST can eliminate the positive and negative deviation well, and the average error is less than 10%, which is more consistent with the experimental results.www.yrdcarbon.com

The operating parameters showed that the adsorption capacity of activated carbon would decrease with the increase of temperature, gas velocity or humidity.granular activated carbon for water treatment

The appropriate operating range is: temperature within 40?, gas speed between 0.1~0.5 m/s, humidity is best not more than 40%.

In this range, the relationship between pressure drop and gas velocity basically conforms to Ergun equation.