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Top Logo Design Trends Of 2021

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Never underestimate the impact of a good logo. Whether you’re just starting a company and trying to come up with a logo or you’re looking to rebrand, it never hurts to look at what the trends are for inspiration. Good brand identity design is a necessity if you want to stand out from the crowd in 2021. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest logo and brand identity design trends in 2021 so far.


There’s nothing much more pleasing to the eye than a good color gradient. Why else would sunrises and sunsets be so photo-worthy? A good gradient can add depth and a pop of color to a logo design. If your brand identity design already incorporates complementary colors, then a gradient could be the way to send that logo to the next level.


They’ve been around for awhile and they don’t look to be going anywhere. More and more brands are embracing adding a mascot to their logo. A good mascot is the perfect way to inject some personality in your brand identity design. Whether it’s an animal or some kind of cartoon character, you can instantly make an impression with a well-designed, fun mascot in your logo.

Nature Designs

Taking in the design principles of Mother Nature herself is a great way to make a pleasing and harmonious logo. Using greens, elements of nature, and flowing lines is a great way to make people happy when they look at your logo. It also adds a welcoming element to your brand.


What’s in a name? Hopefully a lot if you decide to go with a logotype design. Logotype designs are huge right now, as they’re very minimal and straightforward. When you use logotype, the name of your company will be the only element of your logo. The key is to use interesting colors and a brand consistent typography to stand out.

Get Help with Your Brand Identity Design

Keeping up with the multitude of ever-changing trends can be difficult. But hiring a brand identity design studio can make things much easier for you. With the help of one of these services, you can nail down the type of logo that will complement your business and help it to stand out amongst your competitors.

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