Press Release

What A Marketing Design Agency Can Do For Your Business

Palo Alto United States

No matter how good an eye you have, doing design work for your business is not in your best interest. Creative Directors and graphic designers have years of specialized experience that goes beyond point-and-click.

Hiring a marketing design agency is an investment, no doubt. As professionals, they command professional fees, and rightly so. They can do wonders for tired or immature branding, component design, packaging, advertising and more.

There is such a thing as working with blinders when it comes to your own business. You’ve grown the company from its infancy, and, like any good parent, you are partial to what you’ve created. Elbow grease and bootstraps aren’t enough in today’s marketplace. While you might be personally obsessed with a particular shade of eggshell blue and insist on using it in your branding, a marketing and design professional can help you strategize and realize that eggshell blue doesn’t sell specialty tools at Home Depot.

Moreover, hiring out that team of creatives to do the design work, branding, marketing, copywriting, web development, etc. actually saves you money in the end as your company would need to be pretty large to sustain that many professionals and their benefits packages. By seeking out an agency, you can free up capital for other parts of your business by hiring by project or keeping them on retainer.

Did you know that the color you see on a computer screen is not the same color your best friend sees on his tablet screen? Not to mention that it’s not the same color you’ll see if you print out that image. Or sublimate it onto cotton. Or linen. Or polyester. The professionals at an agency understand various substrates and materials and know-how to ensure your branding colors are consistent across all products. And while this is something that can be learned, aren’t you a better asset for your business in other areas?

If your time is money, the time — and hassle! — You save by hiring a marketing design agency is worth more than any spreadsheet can assess.

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