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Top Motion Design Trends Of 2021

Palo Alto United States

Graphic design is a dynamic discipline. Marketers and other content producers often need content to look modern, relevant, and trendy. They want to present an aesthetic that invites confidence and does not look out of date. In 2021, the top trends for motion design reflect these priorities and embrace mobile devices where consumers increasingly view content.

Vertical Animations

In the past, those vertical mobile phone videos shared by your friends and relatives might have made you cringe, but now the vertical format can be the right choice in certain venues. If you are making an animated video for Instagram, TikTok, or other social media, the vertical format fits how people are holding their mobile phones. Acknowledging how people hold their phones presents a practical choice that allows designers to make the most of the space.

Hybrid Animation and Live Video Content

Animation and live video recordings can be artfully blended. When done right, you create synergy because each element enhances the other to present something more compelling than what it would have been on its own. A hybrid approach can help you stand out.

Illustrative Animation

Minimalist and line art styles remain popular but can be too plain for some situations. The illustrative approach calls for more style and color, like you would see in a lovely children's book. It jazzes up content much more than basic vector animation that is not trendy at all anymore. As 2021 progresses, you can expect to see more animations employing this style. Due to its greater detail and artfulness, illustrative animation has the power to associate your brand with greater value.

Increased Demand

The global pandemic that shut down or curtailed most live action video production in 2020 has elevated the role of animation. It presents a relatively affordable alternative to video production burdened by extra health safety protocols. Users are also more accepting of animation due to its prevalence and technical advances that enable beauty and creativity. As a result, 2021 will see continued demand for animated content because of its versatility and power to communicate.

You are witnessing the start of animation's golden age. Designers will have more opportunities than ever before to delight people with this medium.

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