What Are The Characteristics Of Galvanized Seamless Steel Pipes?

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(1) Galvanized seamless steel pipe, the pure zinc layer is densely covered on the surface of the steel, which can avoid any corrosive solution from contacting the steel substrate and protect the steel substrate from corrosion. In a general atmosphere, a zinc layer is formed on the surface of a thin dense zinc oxide layer, which is hardly soluble in water, so the protective effect of the steel substrate. If the zinc oxide of other components and the atmosphere form insoluble zinc salts, then the anti-corrosion effect will be more ideal.

(2) Galvanized seamless steel pipe, with iron-zinc alloy layer, dense, in the sea salt spray atmosphere and industrial atmospheric corrosion resistance characteristics;

(3) Due to the strong bonding of galvanized seamless steel pipes, the miscibility of zinc-iron and strong wear resistance;

(4) Since the galvanized seamless steel pipe has good ductility and is firmly attached to the alloy layer and steel on the substrate, hot-dip galvanizing can be cold stamped, rolled, stretched, bent and other shapes without damaging the coating;

(5) Galvanized seamless steel pipe, hot-dip galvanized, equivalent to annealing treatment, can effectively improve the mechanical properties of the steel matrix, eliminate the forming and welding stress of steel parts, and is beneficial to the rotation behavior of the steel structure.

(6) The hot-dip galvanized surface is bright and beautiful in the galvanized seamless steel pipe.

(7) Galvanized seamless steel pipe, pure zinc layer is rich in plasticity of hot-dip galvanized galvanized layer. For pure zinc, it is basically close to the ductility of nature, so it is flexible.

 Note: ASTM A53 seamless and welded steel pipe is a general, all-purpose pipe used in generator plants, refineries, compressor stations, natural gas transmission, and steam conduction. It is acceptable for welding, flanging, and bending.