The Monitoring System That You Need For Your Solar Setup!

Centurion South Africa

Are you a person who has recently installed a solar energy system into your household? Are you a business who relies heavily on your backup solar system to provide power when the grid fails you? Or are you simply wanting to find out more about the performance of your current solar setup and whether it is reaching the values that you were promised? If you are someone who falls into one of these categories, then let us introduce you to a company called Centurion Solar!

Centurion Solar is a Gauteng-based company that was founded back in 2015 when they realised that there was no real-time, all-encompassing monitoring system available within the solar industry that could be used to track exactly what is happening within the system. Centurion Solar eventually realised that even “Intelligent Customised Coding” (ICC for short) was not able to do what they needed it to do, and this is what sparked their initiative to rewrite their entire solution from scratch. The rewrite of the solution resulted in the creation of Solar Management Hub (SMH), a new era in solar monitoring. Since their beginnings in 2015, Centurion Solar has now become one of the key contributors who continue to shape tomorrow’s monitoring and renewable energy standards worldwide.

The company is driven by passion and hard work, which they use to build stronger, more meaningful relationships with clients in order to achieve a more agile and innovative business. Centurion Solar’s monitoring systems serve as an example of how they bring value into their customer’s business, transforming generic energy technologies into customisable business solutions, without the complexity of huge costs involved.

Solar Management Hub is a global monitoring system and Centurion Solar has over 24,000 satisfied clients from all over the world who make use of their system. If you would like to find out more about the company, have a read through their online site, or get contact details so that you can get in contact with them, do not hesitate to visit their official website at: https://centurionsolar.co.za/

About Centurion Solar:
Centurion Solar is a Gauteng-based company that aims to design, implement, and maintain real-time monitoring systems for the solar industry. Founded back in 2015, the company aspires to be the partner of choice for customers, suppliers, and employees by accelerating success through their global monitoring system!