Locking Steel Pipe Pile Processing Method

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Thermal expansion is a processing method of locking steel pipe pile, which is to process small-diameter steel pipes into large-diameter steel pipes.

The mechanical properties of hot-expanded steel pipes are slightly worse than those of hot-rolled steel pipes. Limited to the limited specifications of seamless steel pipes in steel mills, hot-expanded steel pipes are born according to the needs of end consumers. The specifications and models of heat-expanded steel pipes are relatively random. Generally, they are made according to the needs of customers. Hot-expanded steel pipes are what we often say The heat-expanded pipes, the steel pipes with relatively low density but strong shrinkage, and seamless steel pipes can all be referred to as heat-expanded pipes.


The two-step push pipe expander used in the locking steel pipe pile combines the cone die expansion technology, digital intermediate frequency induction heating technology, and hydraulic technology in one machine. With its reasonable technology, lower energy consumption, and lower construction investment , Good product quality, wide range of raw materials and product specification applicability, flexible and variable low-input production batch adaptability, replacing the traditional pull-and-pin expansion technology of the steel pipe industry.

Because it is difficult to solve the supply of large-diameter steel pipes, hot-expanded steel pipes have become an important source of products to solve the shortage of large-diameter steel pipes in my country, and ease the supply tension in the large-diameter steel pipe market.