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How To Make Your Hr Department Paperless

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Going paperless is an ideal scenario for an HR department. The amount of documents and paperwork can be frustrating to manage if everything is in physical form. Plus, getting documents to employees and new hires can be just as frustrating. With a paperless HR department, all of this paperwork will be organized, easily accessible, and simple to send and receive. However, this is all easier said than done.

For an HR department to go paperless, you have to make sure your employee document management solution is secure, compliant, and easier to use than paper methods. Luckily, there are good employee document management solutions out there. Here are some ways to make your HR department paperless.

Go Green

Start transitioning to paperless by reducing paper consumption in your office. Use cloud solutions to store and manage different documents that employees and managers need to access. Take printers out of the equation and encourage employees to use digital documents instead.

Use Digital Signatures

Digital signatures are considered compliant, so take advantage of this fact. By having employees sign everything digitally, you can save tons of paperwork. The only thing you need to do is make sure your documents and signature process are as secure as possible. For that, you can use an HR platform.

Use an HR Platform

The easiest and fastest way to go paperless is to use an HR platform that gives you the tools you need for paperless employee document management, digital signatures, and paperless onboarding.

With a dedicated HR platform, you’ll be able to see all of your employee documents in one place and access them as needed. You can also send tax forms, onboarding documents, and anything else you need to remain compliant. In addition to making these processes paperless, you’ll also get the benefit of these documents being signed and returned faster, while also avoiding any compliance errors thanks to compliance automation.

An HR platform is more than just a paperless solution, though it does make going paperless much easier. It’s a solution that can automate many HR processes, saving you time and money. Make sure you choose the right HR platform for your business, so you can go paperless and reap all of the benefits of HR automation.