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The Best Ways To Manage Your Employee's Devices

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Businesses in every industry depend on technology to facilitate daily operations. No matter the size of your corporation, there's a good chance that your company couldn't run without computers, smartphones, and tablets at the fray.


While technology positively impacts your bottom line, it also poses many inherent risks. Employee-issued devices are subject to theft, malware, and security attacks that put your entire organization at risk. That's why device management is so crucial.


This blog will cover a few ways to manage your employee devices to protect your business.


Invest in Mobile Device Management


One of the best things you can do for your company is to employ mobile device management software. MDM platforms let you manage Apple devices, Windows devices, and more from one centralized place. Take control throughout the equipment's life cycle.


Not only can you configure and deploy technology for new hires, but you can also decommission them and wipe hard drives to keep valuable information from prying eyes. All of those tasks take only a few clicks and work remotely, making it easy to take control regardless of where your employees work.


Establish an Accepted Use Policy


An Accepted Use Policy, or AUP, is a must for company-owned devices. It doesn't take much for employees to put critical data at risk inadvertently. Nefarious activities or unsecured browsing could expose the device to cybercriminals, resulting in the theft of trade secrets, intellectual property, and more.


Create an AUP to govern how employees use their devices. Is it work-only, or can they use the technology for personal use? Whatever the case, explain the policy clearly so that everyone is on the same page.


Prioritize Security


You cannot ignore ongoing security measures. Contrary to popular belief, keeping a device safe is not a one-time thing. Threats evolve, and new malware appears all of the time.


Mobile device management software can do more than manage Apple devices and Windows devices. It takes care of security measures, too. Keep the operating systems up to date and manage all security protocols from one dashboard.


Implement Device Management Techniques from Day One


Don't wait until after you assign devices to adopt management practices. It can be challenging, but the right software and policies ensure that you have full control of company-owned technology at all times.