Advantages Of High Frequency Welded Pipe

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High-frequency welded pipes (ERW) need to go through a series of processes from raw materials to finished products. The production process flow mainly depends on the product variety. The completion of these processes requires various mechanical equipment and welding, electrical control, and testing devices. These equipment and devices are in accordance with different The technological process requires a variety of reasonable arrangements. The high-frequency welded pipe mainly uses the skin effect and proximity effect of the high-frequency current to make the current highly concentrated on the edge to be welded, so that it can be heated to the welding temperature in one hundredth of a second, and then the squeeze roller Under the action of pressure welding.

The advantage of this processing technology of high-frequency welded pipe is that there is a heat treatment process after welding, which eliminates the residual stress in the weld and heat-affected zone, refines the grain, and the heat-affected zone of the weld is small, and the heating speed is fast, which can greatly improve the welding speed and Welding seam quality, and can be used as blanks without pickling, shot blasting and trimming strip steel, while welding alloy steel, high-alloy steel and non-ferrous metal pipes, greatly reducing the unit power consumption, with a set of welding equipment can produce kind of high-frequency welded pipe.

But at the same time for the high-frequency welded pipe unit, the larger the diameter, the more restricted the coil weight and wall thickness of the strip steel material. The storage equipment is limited by the spiral looper. In addition, the high-frequency welded pipe unit has a higher linear speed and is The speed of arc welded pipe is generally 3m/min, which does not match each other. Therefore, the high-frequency welded pipe unit needs to fully utilize and expand its own advantages in order to improve product quality and develop new products.