Machining Of Seamless Steel Pipes

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The load method accepted by the carbon seamless steel pipe is different, and the tightness level of the rolling bearing cooperation should also be different. When the fixed and immovable load is accepted, the cooperation should be looser, so that the rolling bearing can be easily used and disassembled on the mechanical equipment, but it should not be too much. Looseness, otherwise it will cause drag on the cooperating parts and wear out the cooperating surface. Therefore, a joint cooperating or a clearance cooperating with very little clearance should generally be used.

The inner and outer walls of the seamless steel pipe have high precision and high smoothness. After heat treatment, the seamless steel pipe has no air oxide layer and has high cleanliness. The seamless steel pipe bears high pressure, no deformation after cold drawing, and no cracks after squeezing. Seamless steel pipes can be manufactured in a variety of complex deformations and machining. Pipeline tone: milky white, bright, high metal texture.

When the seamless steel tube receives the rotating load, the cooperation that is too tight should be selected to prevent the throwing ring from dragging on the cooperating parts and causing the cooperating surface to wear out, but the interference should not be too large, otherwise it will cause the inner part of the rolling bearing to be damaged. The side clearance of the shaft is reduced or even completely subsided, resulting in excessive contact pressure, resulting in accelerated shaft wear and affecting its service life.

There is no air oxide layer on the inner and outer walls of the seamless steel pipe, high pressure resistance without leakage, high precision, high smoothness, cold drawing deformation, flattening without cracks, and it is mainly used for the production of standard air pressure or pressure components. Component products, such as cylinders or cylinders, can be seamless steel pipes or welded pipes. The components of precision steel pipes are carbon, silicon, manganese, manganese, sulfur, phosphorus, chromium, and chromium.

The production steps of seamless steel pipe: After the pipe material is continuously cold-rolled on the active pipe rolling mill, the entire wall thickness is averaged by the whole machine, and the diameter is sized by the sizing machine to reach the specification. An excellent method is generally carried out on a two-roll extruder. Or carry out the kneading method on the double-chain cold drawing machine and put the already heated pipe material into the closed kneading drum. Extrusion, this method can produce seamless steel pipes with smaller diameters.