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Validity Of Separation Agreement Forms

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What Guarantees The Legal Validity Of Separation Agreement Forms?



The decision of going for a separation is never easy to take. However, with the help of a separation agreement, the transition can be made slightly easier. It is a type of document that works as a contract and can be used by spouses to come to a decision that is mutually beneficial for them, about how they can move forward after splitting from each other.

It is important to note that a separation agreement should be prepared in a proper way, as well as include all the relevant details, in order to be regarded as valid in a court of law. Generally, a legal separation in NY form is considered to be valid in the following cases:

When it includes signatures of both spouses

The separation agreement must be signed by both parties and neither of them should be under pressure from the other one while doing so.

When all details are disclosed

This kind of an agreement must disclose all the debts and assets of both spouses. Otherwise, it might be regarded as fraudulent.

There are free separation agreement forms available online and you can check any of these to find various sections being included for proper disclosure of all details important for a fair separation contract.

Should be drafted with two lawyers

It is not illegal to have the same attorney to draw up the separation agreement as your spouse. However, it is highly advisable for both spouses to have separate attorneys. In case the same attorney is used by both parties, the validity of the separation agreement might be questioned later by a judge at the time of divorce. It might be inspected more closely for unfairness.

Must be fair to both spouses

While creating this kind of an agreement with spouse, it is important to ensure that all the items and assets are distributed to both spouses in a fair way. Although it is not mandatory for this agreement to be completely equal to each party, it should not be one-sided unfairly. Else, the agreement might be thrown out by the court during divorce proceedings.