First Steps In Developing An Augmented Reality Application

Kharkiv Ukraine
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If you have already made the fateful decision of augmented reality development for your business, then this information can help you. What types of AR do you know? There are only three main ones:

- augmented reality tied to a marker (it can be a QR code, any specific image, a silhouette of an object, which has a certain number of points peculiar only to them to become a trigger for the AR application);

- augmented reality, not tied to a marker (in this case, AR objects can be located anywhere, orienting themselves with the help of the nature of the room or environment);

- augmented reality tied to a specific location (here, the AR application associates its content with a well-defined place in space, determining it using GPS or computer vision systems).

With such a minimal set of knowledge, you can already take the first steps in the development of applications for augmented reality.