The Difference Between Seamless Steel Pipe And Seamed Steel Pipe

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Seamless steel pipes can be used to transport fluids (such as natural gas, oil, water, etc.), some solid materials, etc., and are also an economical steel. The use of steel pipes to make grids, pillars and mechanical supports for building structures can reduce costs. Today, the editor has collected and sorted out the knowledge sharing about the difference between seamless steel pipe and seamed steel pipe for your reference.

1. The processing technology is different. Seamless steel pipes are made of high-quality carbon steel or alloy steel. The processing technology of seamless steel pipe includes cold drawing method and hot rolling method, while seamed pipe is generally welded.

2. Different uses. Seamless steel pipes are mainly used as pipelines or structural components for conveying fluids, mainly in the machinery industry. Seamed steel pipes are mainly used for fluid and gas transportation in the construction industry, such as water, gas, compressed air and other low-pressure fluids. Pressure pipes are generally made of seamless steel pipes.

3. Under normal circumstances, the working pressure that the seamed steel pipe can withstand is less than 20 kg, which is the safe use range. Usually used for low-pressure fluids such as water, gas, compressed air, etc. The seamless pipe can withstand ultra-high pressure, of course, its wall thickness will increase accordingly, which needs to be designed according to the required pressure, and is often used in high-temperature and high-pressure equipment such as high-pressure oil pipes and boiler pipes. There are also seamless pipes for structural use, depending on the design requirements.

At present, there are several seamed steel pipes for seamless treatment, and the welding seam is annealed, and the pressure range is basically the same as that of seamless steel pipes. Consider using it. There are also some seamed steel pipes on the market that are heated as a whole and then drawn or rolled into seamless steel pipes with core heads. The specifications are small. Such steel pipes are only seamless steel pipes in appearance, and their essence is not very ideal.

4. Differences in use. Seamless steel pipes are made of cold drawn and hot drawn, and are generally used for medium pressure equal to or greater than 1.6MPa. The seamed steel pipe is made of high-frequency butt welding after the steel plate is formed, and is suitable for medium pressure less than 1.6MPa.