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Telm – Affordable And Reliable Filling And Capping Machines

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The modern manufacturing sector has gone through an immense transformation in the last several decades. Numerous manufacturing innovations have transformed manual efforts into automated proficiency. Quite naturally, businesses are on the lookout for reliable and affordable filling and capping machines that can add an advantage to their manufacturing process. Luckily, there exists a company that specialises in metalworking and manufacturing devices. – TELM.

Introducing TELM

Founded in 1972, TELM has immense experience working with stainless steel, aluminium and other materials to create some of the best volumetric dispensers and automatic and semi-automatic filling devices. They can cater to numerous sectors including the food, chemical, cosmetic, galenic and herbal industries with reliable and customisable machinery. They are also known for providing excellent after-sales service which covers the availability of spare parts and the technical help provided by their staff.

Products available at TELM

TELM provides four types of filling and capping machines – Rotary machines, linear machines, semi-automatic fillers and semi-automatic capping machines.

  • Rotary machines

TELM supplies rotary machines which serve as fully automated fulling and capping solutions for plastic containers and glass jars. These devices are particularly suitable for applications such as filling and capping jams, sauces, sauces and patés, toppings, chocolate creams, cosmetic products and certain chemicals.

  • Automatic filling and capping machines

TELM has been designing and manufacturing automated filling and capping machines for the last three decades. Perfect for use with stable containers and large containers, these machines are found mostly in the food, cosmetics, para-pharmaceutical and chemical industries.  The machine is fully customisable according to customer preferences and is made of AISI316 stainless steel.

  • Semi-automatic fillers

At TELM, semi-automatic fillers are versatile, convenient, reliable and easy to use. They are fitted with volumetric piston dosers made out of superior quality stainless steel, capable of filling sizes from 1ml to 5600ml. Operators can manually adjust the special flyer, depending on the product and the customer’s preference. These machines can accurately handle liquid products such as food, cosmetic, chemical and para-pharmaceutical products.

  • Semi-automatic capping machines

Semi-automatic capping machines are made entirely of stainless steel and are suitable for handling pre-threaded plastic caps, pressure caps and twist-off caps. They can operate with 6bar compressed air and have interchangeable capping heads.

  • CNC machining

TELM has a machine park that includes milling machines and manual lathes. Together with their CNC centres, they can easily satisfy their customer’s requests. TELM also uses CAMWARE programs for automated programming, which has revolutionised the company’s machining strategies and has decreased production times as well.

TELM has plants present in small and large companies in North Africa, Eastern Europe and a few Scandinavian countries besides Western Europe. To know more about TELM’s product line, visit https://telm.it/en/

About TELM

TELM is an Italy-based manufacturer of capping and filling machines which has operated for more than three decades in the market.  The company promises a complete internal Italian production chain which manufactures automated and semi-automated filling and capping machines.