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Benefits Of Using Direct Routing As A Service (Draas)

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direct routing for Microsoft teams

Direct routing is a technology that offers public switched telephone network (PSTN) connection to Microsoft Teams to make and manage phone calls. The configuration of this technology is in such a way that the user operating Microsoft teams through office 365 is in turn connected to a session border controller. This session border controller has analogue phones attached or PBX machines embedded to make and receive phone calls. This machine allows users to send voicemails, make calls and direct routing which is connected with a PSTN Network through the Internet. You can use direct routing for Microsoft teams in any country where calling plans are not available, if office 365 is available so is direct routing. There are very few hardware systems involved in the technology of direct routing unlike Skype business where you are required to run virtual machines. Here you can manage the tasks with the help of a session border controller ( SBC ). Partners can also host this SBC so ultimately you are not required to run hardware systems or maintain it yourself.

Direct routing for Microsoft Teams is a great unified communication system. It's got everything that you need from business instant messaging, photo sharing, video conferencing and it's better collaboration with other Microsoft services. if your company needs to make and receive calls from all across the globe direct routing is an excellent option. With direct routing as a service you can benefit from leveraging to centralize your voice solution, optimize your infrastructure by reducing equipment onsite. You are also ensured of voice quality service and security with the expertise of direct routing service providers.

Benefits of direct routing for Microsoft Teams:

● Lower cost as compared to traditional phone systems.

● Several additional team features and redundancy.

● Installation support and unlimited 24 x 7 support.

● Simplified tools and reduced equipment.

● Extended range of network.

Direct routing enhances capabilities that the customers can utilize for example - Media Bypass that allows customers to optimize media streams across any network.