Why Are The Delivery Times Of Steel Pipes Some Long And Some Short?

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Why are the delivery times of steel pipes some long and some short? The following is the answer from the steel pipe manufacturer (Permanent Steel taking the straight seam steel pipe as an example.

The quality of finished products produced by large-diameter straight seam steel pipes is guaranteed, with high efficiency and low cost. Relying on the advantage of a vertical weld, it quickly entered the large-diameter steel pipe market. Steel pipe piles, etc., the sales volume is very considerable, mainly because the price is right. Specifications below 1020mm use one weld, and above 1020mm, it is recommended to use two welds, splicing two steel plates for production, which can reduce the cost and lower the price.


large-diameter straight seam steel pipes

Generally speaking, small-diameter straight-seam steel pipes are basically available from stock. Small-diameter straight-seam steel pipes occupy a small area for easy storage. They can also be stacked at high places, and the money is less expensive. Therefore, large-diameter straight seam steel pipes above 630mm are basically customized. Processing, because the inventory occupies a lot of space and dare not stack too high, it is easy to collapse, and the backlog of goods is also relatively large.

Generally, the straight seam steel pipe factory is stocking the existing steel plate or the steel factory ordered steel plate, and the cycle may be longer. For example, the delivery time of the 630*12mm normal existing steel plate is about 7-15 days, even the stock steel plate will not be fully All thicknesses are stored. If there is no inventory of wall thickness, it can only be ordered and rolled in the steel mill. In this way, the production cycle will be extended. The steel mill will deliver the plate in about 15-25 days at the earliest, and it will take about 5 days to return to the factory for production. , so the general raw material steel mills need about 20-30 days for delivery.

Large-diameter straight seam steel pipes are often used in piling, bridges, supports and other projects. Generally, these projects are scheduled or planned in advance to avoid delaying the construction period and causing losses. However, there are still some projects that have not been planned and budgeted in advance. Delayed workers do not work, will cause economic losses, only to find manufacturers to order expedited. To see if there are pipes in stock or steel plates with suitable wall thickness in stock, you can buy some time. If there are steel plates in stock, they can be delivered in 5 days after rushing. The price will definitely be higher, because the raw materials have to be expedited. Therefore, it is recommended to plan ahead if you have an order to avoid spending some unnecessary money.

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