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History Of The Rolex's Coke Collection

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Coke Rolex

Have you ever seen the Coke Rolex? This iconic watch has a unique bezel colorway of black and red. Previous releases by the iconic watch brand conjured up similar connections to drink. There was the brown and yellow Root Beer Rolex and the blue and red Pepsi Rolex.

The nickname came naturally to this watch, and it's still utilized by collectors and watch historians. Want to learn more about this piece of Rolex history? Read on.

What is the Coke Rolex?

The Coke-inspired watch didn't start that way. It is a variant of the signature GMT-Master II model.

The original GMT-Master I launched in the 1950s. It immediately became a favorite among world travelers and pilots. The watch can tell the time in two different zones, making it a must-have for those who are constantly entering new time zones.

Rolex released many different variants over the years. The design and construction remained the same, but the styling was well-varied.

In the 1980s, Rolex released the second iteration of this watch, dubbed the GMT-Master II. Initially, it had a sleek black-on-black bezel. However, it wasn't long until the watchmaker started offering other colorways.

A New Signature Color

In 1982, Rolex released the GMT-Master II with the red and black bezel. The rest is history!

Many people quickly adopted the "Coke" monitor thanks to some of the previous color combinations released by Rolex. A few other Coke variants came out. One example is the "Fat Lady" watch, which had a slightly thicker case due to its inclusion of the Caliber 3085 movement.

Is Rolex Coke Watch Still Available?

Rolex continued to make this red and black watch for many years. However, the brand officially discontinued the GMT-Master II Coke and its variants in 2007. The discontinuation ended a beloved line for new buyers, but it helped boost the value of older models.

Today, the only way to get a Rolex Coke watch is to buy it on the secondhand market from a dealer. Currently, these colorful watches start at around $17,000.