Surface Defect Treatment Method Of Precision Seamless Pipe

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Precision seamless tubes

In order to obtain steel pipes with excellent surface quality. Precision seamless tubes must be cleaned from surface defects. At present, the main methods of cleaning steel pipe surface defects are flame cleaning, air shovel cleaning, manual grinding wheel, automatic grinding wheel and belt cleaning, and turning cleaning.

(1) Use turning or abrasive belt and grinding wheel cleaning. This method of overall grinding and cleaning of surface defects of steel pipes is suitable for surface defect cleaning of all seamless pipe sizes.But the efficiency is low, the metal consumption is large, and the cost is high. Turning is generally not used to remove surface defects from continuous cast tubes, as this may turn away the fine-grained regions of the outer surface layer of the cast tubes. However, the coarse columnar crystals are exposed to the outside, and it is easy to cause the perforated capillary to produce outward bending defects during perforation.

(2) Air shovel cleaning. The equipment is simple, but labor-intensive and inefficient, and it is not limited by steel types. Suitable for cleaning of local defects

(3) Manual grinding wheel and automatic grinding wheel cleaning. Mainly used for steel pipes that are not suitable for flame cleaning. Manual grinding wheel equipment is simple, low investment, flexible operation, but labor-intensive; automatic grinding wheel cleaning efficiency is high, and it is currently used more.

(4) Flame cleaning. The equipment is simple, efficient and very economical, and is mainly suitable for cleaning the surface defects of steel pipes with carbon content below 0.4%. This is because local heating occurs when cleaning with a flame, so thermal stress is generated. For precision seamless pipes with high carbon content, thermal cracks may occur after cleaning or even after being placed for a period of time, which may affect the quality and may lead to scrapping in severe cases.

Note: The seamless pipe means a hollow section and is widely used as a pipeline for transporting fluids, such as pipelines for transporting oil, natural gas, gas, water and certain solid materials.