How To Identify The Quality Of Seamless Steel Pipe?

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The performance of seamless steel pipes is very good, with good corrosion resistance, guaranteed practicability, long service life, and a wide range of applications in life. Large quantities of seamless steel pipes are used in daily construction, so it is also very important to choose a reliable seamless steel pipe manufacturer for cooperation. The quality of the seamless steel pipe still needs to be seen in kind, so that it is convenient for us to measure the quality. So how to choose high-quality seamless steel pipe? The following aspects can be compared.

1. Look at the cross section

The high-quality seamless steel pipe has a neat cross-section, and it can be seen that the overall wall thickness is very uniform. Generally speaking, the wall thickness of the seamless steel pipe with better quality is uniform, and the thicker the wall thickness, the better the quality is guaranteed, and the practicability is also very good, which can ensure a long service life. If there is uneven thickness or uneven cross-section, most of them are caused by poor steel pipe materials. It is necessary to select steel pipes whose materials have passed strict inspections. It is not recommended to purchase cross-sections with quality problems or materials best product.


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2. Visual inspection

High-quality steel pipes generally do not have serious scratches, and the surface should not have any cracks, scars, etc., and the surface should ensure a certain smoothness. If the surface is not smooth, or the flaws are very serious, then there may be a problem with the quality of the steel pipe itself.

Appearance quality: There shall be no cracks, folds, folds, delaminations, hair lines and scarring defects on the inner and outer surfaces of the steel pipe. These defects should be completely removed, and the wall thickness and outer diameter should not exceed negative deviations after removal.

3. Measure the size

After all, the seamless steel pipes we buy all have certain size and specification requirements, and not all steel pipes are uniform, so when purchasing steel pipes, we should also pay attention to the measurement of physical quality. It must be determined that the size meets the regulations and the quality is good, so that the steel pipe can ensure a long service life.

Specifications: The outer diameter of the hot-rolled tube is 32-630mm; the wall thickness is 2.5-75mm.
The outer diameter of the cold-rolled (cold-drawn) pipe is 5-200mm; the wall thickness is 2.5-12mm.

4. Overall inspection

If you purchase steel pipes in large quantities, you can also contact the seamless steel pipe manufacturer and send certain samples for later testing. Generally, it can guarantee a good use effect under high pressure and high strength environment, and a simple test can also select high-quality seamless steel pipe.

Both ends of the steel pipe should be cut at right angles and burrs should be removed. Steel pipes with a wall thickness greater than 20mm are allowed to be cut by gas cutting and thermal sawing. After the agreement between the supply and demand sides, the head may not be cut.


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