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Production of oil or gas is a complex, time- and cost-intensive undertaking, but in principle, every wellbore goes through three phases: Drilling with drill pipes, lining with casing pipe and production with tubing.


A wellbore is a hole that is drilled to aid in the exploration and recovery of natural resources, including oil, gas, or water. A wellbore is an actual hole that forms the well. A wellbore can be encased by materials such as steel and cement, or it may be uncased. The motivation for drilling a wellbore is usually to extract oil or gas for a protracted period of time.

Key takeaways:
- A wellbore is a type of borehole that is used to extract oil or gas.
- A borehole can also be used for mineral extraction, environmental assessment, and temperature measurement.
- Wellbores are typically vertical shafts that might be uncased or encased with cement and steel.
- The purpose of the wellbore is to extract oilandgas for a protracted period of time.

The following is a diagram of an oil wellbore encased in steel and cement. The wellbore is the actual drilled hole. The drilled hole may refer to the inside diameter of the wellbore wall or the rock face that bounds the drilled hole. The wellbore can then be cased with materials to improve its stability while improving operation and resource recovery.


oil wellbore

A borehole is often used as a synonym for wellbores, though sometimes the borehole refers to the open diameter of the hole itself, whereas the wellbore is the hole including the casing between the opening and the rock or earth walls on the outside.

Wellbores must be cleaned before and after production because if mud or debris is not removed, it can increase operating costs while increasing safety and environmental risks. Furthermore, drilling wellbores is complex and requires specialized training, tools, and equipment. When successful, the wellbore creates a well that can extract oil and gas for a protracted period of time.