Transportation Requirements For Erw Steel Pipes

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ERW steel pipe

Transportation requirements for ERW pipes

1. Requirements before transportation of ERW steel pipes: Generally speaking, the diameter of ERW steel pipes is greater than one meter. Generally, straight seam steel pipes with branch openings of 1420mm or larger need to be listed.

2. Requirements during the transportation of ERW steel pipes: if there are threaded buckles at both ends, they should be protected by thread protectors. Apply lubricating oil or anti-rust agent to the threaded fasteners. The two ends of the steel pipe are opened, and the nozzle protectors can be added at both ends according to the requirements. If the customer requires that the ERW steel pipes should not have damage such as bumps on the outside, it can be considered to use protective devices between the steel pipes. The protective device can use rubber, straw rope, fiber cloth, plastic, pipe cap and so on.

3. Due to the thick wall and thin wall, measures such as support inside the tube or frame protection outside the tube can be adopted. The material of the bracket and the outer frame adopts the same steel material as the ERW steel pipe. If the purchaser has special requirements for the packing material and packing method of the steel pipe, it shall be specified in the contract; if not specified, the packing material and packing method shall be selected by the supplier.

Transportation advantages of ERW steel pipe

1. Convenient production: the overall production process is relatively simple, and the production cost is lower than that of seamless pipes. Less equipment, light weight, and easy to achieve continuous and mechanized production.

2. More types: a wide range of specifications and parameters, and a variety of diameters and wall thicknesses are available.

3. Low infrastructure cost: The infrastructure cost of ERW steel pipe is relatively low. Compared with railway transportation, the overall cost can be saved by 1/3, while the transportation volume is twice that of railway transportation.

4. Low transportation cost: ERW steel pipe has the lowest transportation cost, which is 1/10 of the railway and 1/2 of the waterway.

5. Construction safety: The construction of ERW steel pipe is simple, the construction period is short, and it is laid underground, which is relatively safe and reliable, and is not restricted by the terrain.