The Features Of Eve-Ng On Google Cloud

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eve-ng on google cloud

There is a monthly subscription fee for the EVE-NG Hosted service and it is an EVE-NG Premium Cloud Partner. All are pleased with EVE-NG because it is the most resilient member of our family of hosted services. Additionally, it is a sizable network emulator with a versatile feature set and a remarkably simple GUI.

It provides you with the capability needed to design and test your network in a multi-vendor setting.

Features of eve-ng on google cloud:

Quick and Secure and earliest potentials for automation and integration of clientless platforms

a multi-vendor environment built with an open-source HTML5 interface

CPU and memory optimisation were used in the design of the click-and-play multi-user topology.

The eve-ng on google cloud hosted server option is a premium subscription service. The majority of the photos, including those from EVE-NG, are already installed on this product, which is its strongest feature. Check Point, Windows, Linux, Cisco Switches & Routers, Cisco FirePower, Cisco CSR 1000, Nexus Switches, Palo Alto Images for EVE-NG, and other significant suppliers also contains excellent predefined configurations. You can start practising your CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE labs once you have paid for your subscription package.

 Why was Eve-NG set up in a cloud environment?

Because for learning more about advanced CCIE DC course content like VXLAN with BGP EVPN is Virtualizing the kind of routers that can run these cutting-edge DC technologies require a lot of RAM and CPU power. Furthermore, the flexibility to turn all of these different routers on and off because itneeds them to use electricity continuously. We need to create a custom image in Eve-NG set up that enables Virtualizationfrom an Ubuntu base image which we can then use to build the system so we can install Eve-NG in it accordingly and very quickly.