Influencing Factors Of Straightness Of Seamless Steel Pipe

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The straightness of seamless steel pipe has a great influence on the pipes used for precision machinery and hydraulic cylinders. High straightness accuracy can improve the efficiency of post-processing for customers and reduce production costs. The most fearful thing about buying seamless steel pipes is that the purchased seamless steel pipes cannot be processed and become waste products, which wastes production costs and delays delivery, so it is very important to choose a manufacturer with quality assurance. Today, Husteecarbon steel pipe manufacturers will take you to understand the factors that affect the straightness of seamless steel pipes.


seamless pipe straightening machine

1. Straightening equipment lags behind

The straightening equipment is backward, and the straightening accuracy is not good. After the seamless pipe comes out, the straightness has not been greatly improved, and it can only be visually inspected without bending. Such straightness requirements for seamless steel pipes are not up to the requirements for the precision processing industry. For example, hydraulic cylinders have higher requirements for straightness of steel pipes and steel pipes. It is necessary to maintain the consistency of the inner hole. If the straightening equipment is backward, it is necessary Far from meeting the requirements. Husteel has advanced straightening equipment, which can control the straightness accuracy of seamless steel pipes to 0.5mm/m, which meets the production requirements of hydraulic cylinders.

2. Production process of seamless steel pipe

In the production process of seamless steel pipes, two production processes will be selected, namely finish rolling and cold drawing. Generally speaking, the straightness of the seamless steel pipe after finishing rolling will be better than that after cold drawing, because finishing rolling belongs to rolling and will not produce much elastic force on the seamless steel pipe, but in the process of cold drawing, the seamless steel pipe as a whole is Stretching, there is a lot of elasticity, when the seamless steel pipe leaves the drawing machine, it will produce plastic deformation.

The above is the answer to the factors affecting the straightness of seamless steel pipes. Straightness is an important indicator for precision-purpose pipes. The better the straightness, the better the yield of post-processing. For example, hydraulic cylinders, mechanical parts and other fields have high requirements for the straightness of seamless steel pipes.Husteel steel pipe can meet your high requirements for straightness of seamless steel pipe, the best straightness is 0.5mm/m, welcome customers to come to consult and understand.