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Berlenga Nature Reserve And Its Marine Life

Peniche, Portugal
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Berlenga Grande Island in Portugal
Berlenga nature reserve

Berlengas A Place A Place of Many Inhabitants

It has been seen and found that the Berlenga Grande Island in Portugal has a great and glorious history. Thus it is considered to be an appealing place for all tourists. This place has existed since the rule of ancient Romans. The people of various human races have visited this island since many centuries. Even the race of Vikings and Muslims came to the Berlengas during their marine voyages.

During the middle age even the pirates from countries like France and England used to hide here. During the 15th century the race of Buddhist monks came here and made some monasteries to help those shipmen whose boats and ships got sunk in ocean thunderstorms. As a tourist when you come to the island of Berlenga Grande then you will see only some historical forts are there for you to board and lodge during night hours.

What are the lodging facilities at Berlenga Grande?

Again when you ask us about the best option to get boarding facility at the Berlenga Grande Island in Portugal then you can see that now some of the classic forts of this island have become hotels to serve tourists like you. These forts have nearly 10-20 spacious rooms to give lodging facilities to tourists.

There is also one common kitchen for vacationers where food is cooked and served to them. However if you want to complete your tour within one day without staying at the Berlengas then you can come here by a good ferry boatman service. You can complete a full tour around this place within a couple of hours.

What things to see at Berlenga reserve?

As a tourist if you are fond of seeing the wild life species of creatures at the Berlengas in Portugal then you can come to the Berlenga nature reserve. This is a place that is located on the other side of the western sea coast near a town called Peninche.


This entire spot has many rocky landscapes with mini caves inside which sea birds live. These birds flourish and thrive on the fishes and marine creatures of the nearby sea.