Variable Speed Drives (Frequency Converters)

Shenzhen China
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failure rate < 1%, similar as Siemens, Emerson Control Techniques, ABB, Danfoss, Eaton, Schneider, Allen Bradley, Lenze, Yaskawa authorized CE by ECMG Under the audit of NVLAP. NVLAP Lab code: 200068-0. ISO/IEC 07025:1999, ISO 9002:1994 18-month warranty period prompt delivery lead time: 1-3 days supply to REGAL, Ingersoll Rand, Foxconn, CG Group... Available voltage range: 380 VAC - 480 VAC (323 VAC - 528 VAC): 380 V, 400 V, 415 V, 440 V, 460 V, 480 V E5-H series optimized scalar control universal VSD (VFD) with PID closed loop feedback include following outstanding features: 1, Sine wave PWM control with vector control; 2, Close loop control with built-in PID function; 3, Wide voltage adaptability, AC260V~480V input, DC350V~750V input; 4, Containing a variety of fan and water supply energy saving mode and energy saving rate selection; 5, With sleep and wake up function. 6, Vector control performance and insensitive to motor parameters. 7, The automatic energy-saving feature and PID control function are suitable for controlling fans and pumps. 8, NEMA-1 (IP 20). International Protection Rating of IP65 is customized. 9, Volts per Hertz (V/F) control with simple vector control functions. 10, Built-in parameter copy function.