Dedicated Variable Speed Drives (Frequency Inverters) For Crane Application

Shenzhen China
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Cranes and Hoists
The V6-G and V5-G series special variable speed drive (AC frequency inverter) for crane application has excellent torque control, reliable brake control timing, speed monitoring, torque monitoring, power optimization, location processing, intelligent deceleration functions, and fully guarantee the safety of the crane, efficient and reliable. reliable brake control, to eliminate the phenomenon of slip hook large starting torque at low frequency smooth and reliable ascending and descending speed control multiple sets of motor parameters function stronger overload capability built-in power optimization features position processing functionality and intelligence deceleration function international standard bus communication and optimized communication format security perfect keyboard functions comprehensive monitoring and fault protection Widely used in ports, ships, marine engineering, mining, construction, metallurgy, factories and other industries crane machinery. V5-G dedicated VSD drives applied to the motor without encoder control applications. V6-G dedicated VSD drives applied to motor with encoder for high performance requirements of the occasion. Typical crane industries: port tire cranes, portal cranes, tower cranes/lifts, electric hoist, bridge crane, mine hoist, mine winch, grab control