Kct-1112 0.3-1.2mm 11 Axis Super Wire Coiler And Former

Dongguan Nancheng China
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1.3-1.2mm Super Wire Coiler and Former

The machine KCT-1112 is composed of 11pcs Servo Motor, 

1, X axis: Upper coiling point servo motor

2, C axis: Down coiling point servo motor

3, Y axis: Wire feeding servo motor

4, Zxis: Pitch cutter servo motor

5, A axis: Upper cutter servo motot

6, B axis: Down cutter servo motor

7, U axis: Mandrel in and out servo motor

8, V axis: Mandrel up and down servo motor

9, X2 axis: Work table in and out servo motor

10, X3, axis: Work table up and down servo motor

11, X4 axis: Work table left and right servo motor

so it can easy to test all kinds of compression springs, torsion springs, torsion springs, wire forms, it's developed based on spring coiling machine, but also a super forming machine.