Kct-0535wz 1.2-4.0mm 5 Axis Wire Rotating Machine

Dongguan Nancheng China
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5-6 axis cnc versatile spring machine
1. KCMCO-KCT-0535WZ CNC Versatile Spring Coiling Machine combines precision CNC controlled servo-motion system and conveniences of mechanization.

2. KCMCO-KCT-0535WZ versatile spring coiling machine is equipped with eight slides. We design tools for individual purposes such as bending, coiling, pitching, forming, and cutting

3. KCMCO-KCT-0535WZ versatile spring coiling machine is able to produce torsion springs, compression springs, tension / extension springs, abnormal machine, taper-spring, wire-forms and other related spring products.

4. It has 5 axis, all servo motor are imported from SANYO(Japan).

5. With wire rotation.