Saliva Collector

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Saliva Collector

Product number Tube capacity Tube scale Packaging method Packing specification

652005 5ml Yes In bulk 1000 sets/box

652011 12ml Yes In bulk 1000 sets/box

652505 5ml Yes Blister box 400 sets/box

652511 12ml Yes Blister box 275 sets/box


1. Safety: Painless, non-invasive, no cross-infection.

2. Convenience: Transportation sample tubes suppliers at room temperature, storage at room temperature for 24 months after sampling, DNA does not degrade.

3. High efficiency: The amount of DNA obtained is large, and the extraction efficiency is high.

4. Barcode: Each sample has a unique international standard barcode, which regulates sample management and protects the privacy of the inspected.

5. Simple operation: sampling can be completed in only three steps, preventing misuse.