Powder Filling Machine

Zhengzhou China
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powder filling machine

The powder filling machine https://www.zenofilling.com/product/auger-filling-machine/ suit for powder products filling into pre-made containers,bags ,cans or bottles, widely used in the talc powder ,spice ,coffee powder ,wheat flour , starch powder , Pharmaceuticals ,agriculture pesticide ,dyestuff and so on.

The powder filling machine is made by stainless steel 304(touch food parts), meet GMP standard.Servo control auger,much more stable and accuracy -Step motor can be economical customized.PLC and Touch screen control, English version interface.Electric scale or load cell connect with touch screen for weight feedback, machine can be used by weight or by volume according the user need.Changing the auger attachment, it fits for lots of material ranging from fine-powder to granule.Top Hopper equipped with level sensor to control the feeding machine work automatically. Material entrance and dust exit on both side of auger filler .it can be changeable so feeder can be placed from different side according user workshop situation.