Bioidentical Hormone Replacement

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Hormone replacement with bioidentical hormones. BHRT involves the administration of extra hormones that are chemically equivalent to those made naturally by the human body.


When transdermal hormones are purchased from a compounding pharmacy, a hormone cocktail is created for each patient. These hormones can be purchased from a traditional pharmacy in a variety of set dosages. These instructions are based on a set of exams carried out by a physician. Wild yams and soybeans, which both have special components that may be chemically changed to generate hormones that are chemically similar to those produced by the body, are sources of several bioidentical hormones. They are utilized because they are inexpensive and rapid in extracting substances and transforming them into natural hormones that are exact duplicates of human hormones.


One method is to use a fixed dose. Also, there is rhythmic cycling, which is based on natural phases and corresponds to the times when women are most fertile. The BHRT method known as rhythmic cycling is relatively recent.