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The main component of the erectile dysfunction drug Fildena is sildenafil citrate. Most of the most popular erectile dysfunction medications on the market at the moment, including Viagra, include the active ingredient sildenafil. Because it is sufficiently similar to Viagra, Fildena will work just as well for you as Viagra does.

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There are several dose forms and levels available for fildena. There are other strengths obtainable, including 50mg, 150mg (advertised as Fildena Extra Power), and even 200mg, although 100mg is the most often used (Fildena Double). It is suitable for all degrees of erectile dysfunction as a consequence. Use a high-strength Fildena variety if your ED is severe; otherwise, 50mg or 100mg pills should be adequate for mild to moderate ED.


The triangle pills used to dispense Fildena are colored differ based on the dosage. The 200 mg range of pills are black, the 150 mg range of pills are scarlet, and the 50 mg and 100 mg family of pills are purple.


If you have never taken Fildena previously, we consider going with a low dose of about 50mg. Only use larger quantities if tiny ones fail to cause an erection that is strong enough.


Never go beyond the 200mg maximum dosage. Just before intercourse, Fildena should indeed be taken as needed. Moreover, be cautious not to use Fildena more than once per 24 hours and to keep your dosage under control.