Data & Analytics

Parsippany United States

The volume and complexity of data continues to increase exponentially. It is critical for your business to be able to leverage that data and use analytics to gain insight from it.  Having the right information at the right time, delivered in a way you can easily understand, can drive real value and help you exceed your objectives.


We provide you with the skills and resources to navigate your analytics journey. We simplify the complex with solutions that combine business acumen with technology to transform decision making by translating your data into actionable intelligence. 

We partner with you to help you make sense of your data, visualize it in useful ways and drive outcomes through various artificial intelligence approaches. Those outcomes allow you to improve customer engagement, optimize operations, maximize your investments and drive business growth and innovation.


We help clients develop competitive advantage from their data and improve decision making by generating insights that yield faster, better informed decisions.

Our work is rooted in our technical expertise, client experience and our knowledge of the latest data collection, analysis platforms and tools. We bring the right mix of disciplines to each client, recognizing that every challenge is unique.

Our team members, who average over 25 years of experience in this area, have led data management, visualization, analytics and customer interaction teams. As a result, they understand the challenges you face and think about strategy, delivery and operations the same way you do.