Full Lifecycle Api Management At Toro Cloud

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TORO Cloud's Martini includes full lifecycle API management

From API first design, to implementation, and publishing, of your API.

API Hosting Illustration

API Hosting

Design, develop, and deploy APIs in one application integration platform with multiple deployment options that caters to dynamic business requirements.

API Proxy Illustration

API Proxy

Proxy legacy APIs and expose their services with a standards compliant OpenAPI schema.

API Security Illustration

API Security

Secure your APIs with built-in support for OAuth2 authentication.

User Management Illustration

User Management

Create users and user groups in just a few clicks to easily manage permissions, access, and limits.

API Throttling Illustration

API Throttling

Throttle API usage by adding request limits for your API consumers.

API Monetization Illustration

API Monetization

Monetize your APIs by logging API usage and creating billing rules.


Implementing API management with Martini

Host your API anywhere

Deploy your API to any public cloud provider including AWS, Azure or Google Cloud, your own private cloud, an on-premise server, or a hybrid containing any combination of these options.

Proxy existing services

Implement Martini's API proxy to allow communication between your existing services and APIs and your new API. Proxied services and APIs receive the same benefits of APIs published through Martini such as managed security, usage, monetization, transaction logging, and reporting.

oAuth2 has never been this easy

Martini gives you the choice of authenticating users of your API by applying Basic Authentication or enabling OAuth2, an open standard framework for API security, in just one click. Authorize access to your APIs by issuing access tokens to users and user groups.

Manage who can access your API

Create users and user groups in Martini’s user directory. By creating users and user groups, you can authorize access according to your policies, and implement usage limits.

Create access controls

Throttle your APIs by regulating the flow of HTTP requests. Martini allows you to control the throughput of incoming HTTP requests based on the rules you configure. You can throttle the number of requests a user can make per month, week, day, hour, or minute. You can also implement custom conditions to evaluate requests before accepting or rejecting.

Bill for usage of your API

Monetize your APIs with Martini by logging the API usage of your authorized users and creating billing rules according to the recorded API usage. Configure billing rules to charge users based on price tiers, service plan, or other criteria you prefer. Create your own custom billing plans, email invoices, and produce graphical billing reports by user or user group.